Jodi Friedman

Healing Master and Teacher

Her first awakening shook her to her core in the mid 1990's. It was as if God held her upside down by the ankles and shook out the unnecessary physicality that had become obsolete in her life. A lot had to go! Her marriage, many of her illusionary beliefs, and people who didn't understand her change moved on as a natural letting go. That was the beginning of Jodi's work as a healer. She certified in Reiki to become a Master in 1998. She opened Intentional Healings Center in Las Vegas in 2013 to offer a spiritual gathering place for like minded people looking to better themselves from the inside out. Jodi is a Master Practitioner and Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), conducting Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy sessions with clients worldwide. Other modalities include Theta Healing® and Meditative Guided Visualizations with Reiki. Her company, Intentional Healings​ was founded in 2013 as an Educational Healing Center for those desiring Alternative Healing. Friedman is known for her weekly radio show for Restorative Health and Healing called Got Healing Radio​ and can be found on BlogTalkRadio at: Friedman assists people in releasing their limitations by recognizing that they are all divine beings. Friedman’s workshops, seminars, and retreats help you to break free from the past and show how to trust and move deeper into your soul's alignment. “My passion runs deep, supporting stretching of the imagination to see how to live drama­ and chaos~­free with minimal distractions, changing everything around you,” says Friedman. “How would you like to see more clearly and raise your frequency to release the pain and baggage that holds you back from your greatest potential?” The ability to rely on your intuition is one of the greatest gifts in life. Students learn how to expand their awareness and change their limited perceptions of themselves to manifest their soul's passionate creations! Intentional Healings includes: Reiki Sessions with Chakra Balancing for mind/body/soul alignment, Home and office Energy Clearings & Blessings, Meditations and Guided Visualizations to balance the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body, Intuitive Healing, Reiki Certifications, Empowerment Workshops, and Retreats. Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy are helping people change their lives through personal empowerment and release. Her premise stems from the idea that ”You are enough! Life doesn't just happen to you—it happens for you". In 2016, Jodi Friedman's focus is on her new brand, Got Healing? Tune in weekly to the healing radio show Saturday Mornings, 9:00 am, PST at