Praise from Clients

  • We had several homes in the San Diego area that we needed to sell and we heard about Jodi Friedman's Energy Clearing of Spaces and we hired her on the spot. We brought her to our locations and in a weekend, she did her magical work for us and then watched what happened... I was stunned. Within a month, 3 homes were sold and the other two worked out shortly after that! I've since had her clear two more properties, one in Las Vegas and my faith and trust in Jodi is top notch. If you're looking to sell your property or just want to clear the energy in your space, I highly recommend Jodi's services.
    Luwain N
  • A huge thank you to Jodi Friedman for my amazing Reiki session on Monday. Her ability to tune into what your body is wanting is right on. She also cleared my Chakras and I left relaxed and reconnected. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    Magdalena Brandon
  • Thank you Jodi Friedman! My 12-year old with a bulging disk and nerve pain saw you today on our journey from Colorado to California. She could barely walk through the door due to her back pain. She bounced out of there with a deeply relaxed back and significantly less pain. Amazing! Every time I am with you, I am amazed by your healing talents. Thank you!
    Wendy Helie Rockwell
  • Jodi is a thoughtful practitioner and educator, gentle and insightful. She will take her time to be aware of your needs but not waste your time. She has follow up down to a science. I know you will be happy to see how your life will be enhanced if you choose to bring her skills and abilities alongside your own. I have, and the relationship is maturing nicely.
    Nancy G.
  • Jodi is a great teacher. I took her reiki 1 class and then later reiki 2. She leads reiki shares which allows students to practice on each other, and continue to learn. She is devoted to her practice, and stays focused, which I really admire. She is always on time, and gives 110%. I recently moved to another state and really miss her services. She was a gift from heaven for me, when I really needed it. She really cares about her students and clients.
    Marta D.
  • I have taken Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and House Clearing classes with Jodi. She is an amazing teacher and spiritual coach. I would recommend any of Jodi's classes or services. She is a true, caring professional.
    Michel H.
  • Jodi is a compassionate, caring, giving, teacher. We met her a few years ago and took an instant liking to her, following her to her own Reiki business. Love her Reiki shares. Always get so much out of them. We are so glad she came into our lives.
    Linda & Alan S

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